What is a Full-Span Approach to Website Design & Development?

I pride myself on taking a full-span approach to your website needs. What I’ve learned over the years, is that my clients don’t typically need just a website design, or a few quick updates. They need guidance, ideas and development of a web presence that will help their business or non-profit grow. There are so many more things that go into a website than an aesthetically pleasing design. Here are a few important factors I strive to acheive with each web project I design, develop or maintain.

  1. Useable: Visitors need find what they’re looking for, or what you’re trying to promote quickly. The website also needs to useable for my client if they choose to manage their own website. I ensure clients can easily add and edit their content as they wish.
  2. Relateable: We need to find your target audience, and appeal to them. Let’s keep them intrigued by offering fresh content, great imagery and ways to stay connected.
  3. Searchable: Your website must be developed and maintained in a manner that is easily indexable on search engines.
  4. Shareable: Your web pages, blog posts and the like need to be shareable on social media realms and bookmarking platforms. The proper image should be dynamically programmed for blog posts, a clear logo image should be defaulted to if no image exists and the like.
  5. Scalable: A website should be designed and developed with the future in mind. I do my best to understand your business goals, and possible new offerings and keep in mind how we can produce and promote such at a later date.