Top 5 Reasons People Switch Designers / Developers / Strategists

I feel pain for some of my prospective clients when I first chat with them – about how they were let down from a previous web person. I then explain what makes me different, and my standards of communication, efficiency and affordability. Read below to see some of the hardships my clients have dealt with in the past. I saved the best (worst) for last!

5. They fired me. Really!

4. They simply couldn’t understand what I needed, my business goals and the overall look & feel of the website I wanted designed.

3. I can’t afford my website designer. They are charging me over $xxx to change a couple words

2. My web manager is taking weeks to respond, and then never follows through with something I paid them to do.

1. My website designer just dissapeared. I have no idea how to access my domain, hosting account or design files.

Are you dealing with any of the above currently? I sure hope not! Although, misery (can) love company. Drop me a line with the worst experience you’ve had with a website / graphic designer. Maybe it will make the list. 😉